The property

An archipelago of hills turn their backs on the Atlantic to look out over the Gironde, the estuary whose gravel and beneficial effect make the Médoc such an outstanding wine region.

Château Tour des Termes
A passion for a terroir and a wine

Irish renewable energy entrepreneur Dr Eddie O'Connor acquired Château Tour des Termes in 2023. Committed to renewable energy production (wind and photovoltaic) since the 1990s, Eddie O'Connor has dedicated his career to decarbonising the energy supply. His passion for wine and wine tasting led him to discover Tour des Termes and to realise one of his dreams. “I always wanted to own a vineyard in Bordeaux, the greatest wine-growing region in the world. Building on what has been achieved by Christophe Anney and his family, we intend to create a sustainable vineyard with a vision for the future that adapts as best as possible to global warming.”
Christophe ANNEY
The Anney family have been winegrowers since 1678. In 1938 Pierre Anney bought Château Tour des Termes, which was then managed by his family for several generations. Over a succession of vintages, Christophe Anney, joined later by his daughter Aurélie, developed the quality of the wines and looked after Tour des Termes’ terroir.
The Tour des Termes style
Tour des Termes benefits from its superb location between the ocean and the estuary, which provides all the elements to produce wines that are full of energy. Our team combines traditional expertise with innovation to nurture a living environment with a strong identity.

We are an integral part of this terroir, that is given full expression in our bottles.


  • Encouraging biodiversity to provide a complementary network for the vines
  • Preserving life in the soil to keep plots living and fertile
  • Developing positive synergies with the vines' natural environment
  • Encouraging the development of useful fauna, including precious pollinators


  • Rigorous wine certification
  • Demanding specifications
  • Control points at every stage of production

Château Tour des Termes

2 rue du Pigeonnier

33180 Saint Estèphe

Téléphone : +33 (0)5 56 59 32 89

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Coordonnées GPS :45.267051144119506, -0.7906605428085565

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